Think of the most chaotic moments in your life. What if you could maintain a clear head and a balanced outlook in the midst of stress? Are you good at grasping, but not so skilled at letting go?

Today we’re sharing an excerpt from psychotherapist Susan Thoele’s audiobook The Mindful Woman: Gentle Practices for Restoring Calm, Finding Balance, and Opening Your Heart.

In The Mindful Woman, Dr. Thoele insists that even the busiest among us has the ability to embrace mindfulness and can reap the benefits of doing so. You’ll learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your busy and dynamic life, using the book’s sixty-five simple and effective practices. The Mindful Woman is your guide to better, more balanced living.

In this excerpt, Dr. Thoele discusses the many benefits of mindfulness, including awareness, maturity, and peace. She talks about being kind to yourself as you develop the ability to let go. While it’s easy to understand the wisdom of letting go, actually doing so can be challenging, and we need to practice and develop this skill.

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