How do you find happiness? First, by realizing that finding happiness isn’t complex because happiness is always available. The moment you see the truth of this, you can be happy right away. You don’t need to do anything else. The question is—are you available to happiness?

Today we’re sharing an excerpt from the audiobook The Buddha’s Way of Happiness: Healing Sorrow, Transforming Negative Emotion, and Finding Well-Being in the Present Moment by psychologist Thomas Bien. This audiobook is a guide to identifying the barriers to finding happiness you may create in your life. It offers concrete approaches to practicing happiness and well-being that are drawn from mindfulness and ancient Buddhist insights, many of which have been proven effective by today’s psychologists and researchers.

In this excerpt, Dr. Bien talks about our modern misconceptions about finding happiness. He reminds us that happiness doesn’t exist in a hypothetical future, but is always available right now, in the present moment. If we can learn how to be happy in this moment, we can be happy in the future!

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Siddhattha’s happiness was so striking that, in addition to being known as Buddha, he was also known as Sugata, the Happy One. What can he tell us about how to end our suffering? What can he tell us about being happy? In essence, he shows us that, when we remove certain erroneous views we have of the nature of reality, happiness shines forth.

Thomas Bien, PhD

The Buddha's Way of Happiness

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