We’re all imperfect. What would life be like if we practiced more self-kindness—instead of fear and hate—toward our imperfections? While stress is an unavoidable part of life, practicing self-compassion is an effective way to reduce reduce stress. Although we often consider it normal, stress can actually lead to anxiety, depression, and even chronic pain.

Today we’re sharing an excerpt from an audiobook full of techniques to help you mange stress: MBSR Every Day: Daily Practices from the Heart of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction by Dr. Elisha Goldstein and Dr. Bob Stahl. MBSR Every Day will introduce you to mindfulness-based stress reduction—MBSR—a clinically proven program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. If you’re ready to permanently change the way you handle stress, gain powerful inspiration, and live more fully in the moment, this book is the perfect guide.

In this excerpt, Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Stahl share the importance of being kind to yourself―imperfections and all. Every moment is an opportunity to hone mindfulness and self-compassion. Why not take the leap into self-compassion, even if it’s only to be 10 percent kinder for now?


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Authors Goldstein and Stahl teach us how to cultivate a mindful, heartful awareness with great simplicity and mastery. Giving yourself to the practices offered in this clear, wise, easy-to-use book is truly a gift to the soul. Enjoy!

—Tara Brach, PhD

author of Radical Acceptance

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