What is the secret to overcoming loneliness?

What do you do when loneliness strikes? Many of us fear loneliness, and wonder why we find it so painful. If you’re an emotionally sensitive person, you probably experience feelings of loneliness more often and more keenly than most people do. What is the secret to overcoming loneliness? How can you can learn to live with, or even embrace, those moments when you feel alone? Today we’re sharing a helpful excerpt from Dr. Karyn Hall’s audiobook The Emotionally Sensitive Person: Finding Peace When Your Emotions Overwhelm You. In this audiobook, Dr. Hall speaks to those of us who are often told to “stop being so sensitive.” If you’ve heard this before, you may have wished it were that easy. Well, now it is. Dr. Hall shares proven-effective cognitive behavioral and mindfulness techniques designed to help you cope with intense emotions. You’ll learn powerful tools that can help you manage intense emotions before they take over your life. In today’s episode, Dr. Hall addresses one of the most pervasive and least discussed taboos in our culture: loneliness. Many of us feel lonely, but with the proliferation of social media, it’s harder than ever to admit that we’re feeling isolated. We fear that no one else in our networks will relate. In her discussion of loneliness, which many sensitive people frequently experience, Dr. Hall lifts the veil and reveals how common it is to feel lonely. She discusses how damaging the stigma around loneliness can be, and offers some inspiring and helpful tools for overcoming loneliness.

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Karyn D. Hall brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to The Emotionally Sensitive Person. With practical advice and useful exercises, she teaches us how to dismantle an emotional roller coaster style and to replace it with just the right amount of sensitivity and feeling. Highly recommended!
John M. Oldham, MD

chief of staff at the Menninger Clinic and professor of psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine

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