A Few Tips and a Short Meditation to Restore Your Energy

Do you feel caught in a trap where life looks like a never-ending to-do list without enough time to do get everything done? Pushing yourself too hard for too long can lead to fatigue, exhaustion, and burnout. Today we’re sharing a short guided meditation you can listen to anytime you need to take a brief time out from other people and endless tasks—and restore your energy.

Today we have an excerpt from the audiobook The Awakened Introvert: Practical Mindfulness Skills to Help You Maximize Your Strengths & Thrive in a Loud & Crazy World by Dr. Arnie Kozak. If you feel overwhelmed by the frenetic pace of life, this audiobook will help you to create and preserve an oasis within and around you. While it is primarily for introverts, it’s a helpful resource for anyone looking to feel more calm and peaceful.


What’s in this episode?

If you often wish that you had more time to catch your breath and restore your energy level, then this episode may help. Dr. Arnie Kozak— a psychotherapist, professor of psychiatry, and a mindfulness expert—offers tips for how to protect your energy throughout the day. His tips are followed by a short guided meditation that will help you feel rested, recharged and renewed. If you tend to push yourself to accomplish more than you have the energy to do, you’ll appreciate this episode focused on helping you to restore your energy.

Restore Your Energy

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Psychologist and author Arnie Kozak offers a road map based on the teachings and practices of mindfulness that helps us stay connected to inner clarity, creativity, and peace in the midst of daily living.

Tara Brach, PhD

author of "Radical Acceptance" and "True Refuge"

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