A Guided Meditation to Cultivate Mindfulness of Thoughts

How many times a day do you criticize or judge yourself? Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationships that you will ever have with anyone. It’s essential to develop a healthy relationship of respect toward yourself, and it begins by cultivating mindfulness of thoughts. You can learn to not be affected by your thoughts and relate to them in a way that ends their control of you and your behavior.

Today we’re sharing an excerpt from the audiobook The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution: Proven Strategies to End Overeating, Satisfy Your Hunger, and Savor Your Life written by psychologist Dr. Lynn Rossy. This audiobook provides an innovative and proven-effective program to help you slow down, savor each bite, and actually eat less. Dr. Rossy developed Eat for Life, a mindful eating program that successfully helps people overcome eating issues, improve body image, and enhance weight loss. This unique approach shows you how to listen to your body’s intuition, uncover the psychological cause of your overeating, and be more mindful during mealtime.

What’s in this episode?

In this episode, Dr. Rossy shares a short guided meditation to help you cultivate mindfulness of thoughts. This practice trains you  to notice thoughts without judgment or trying to change what arises. This simple practice will help you to not be affected by your thoughts, but to befriend them with kindness.

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Learn more about The Mindfulnes Based Eating Solution in this conversation with Dr. Rossy.

Mindfulness of Thoughts

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Practicing awareness of thoughts on a daily basis with a formal mindfulness exercise can cultivate thoughts that are more productive or positive and energizes you toward healthy actions. You are moving from the old model of listening and reacting to negative voices to the new model of watching thoughts pass through your mind and talking to yourself like you would to your best friend.

Dr. Lynn Rossy

The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution

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