Inspiring Wisdom from Spiritual Teacher Jeff Foster

What happens when the ground beneath your feet gives way? A relationship ends unexpectedly, success turns to failure overnight, a loved one dies, or you receive a diagnosis out of the blue. In times of deep uncertainty, we often have the sense that our world is spinning out of control. Jeff Foster studied astrophysics at Cambridge University. He now holds meetings around the world, gently pointing people back to the deep acceptance inherent in the present moment. Today, we offer his comforting and inspiring words for times of deep uncertainty.

Today we’re sharing an excerpt from Jeff Foster’s audiobook, Falling in Love with Where You Are: A Year of Prose and Poetry on Radically Opening Up to the Pain and Joy of Life.  He invites you to discover a deep YES to your life, no matter what you are going through. You’ll see crisis as an opportunity to heal, pain as an intelligent messenger, and your imperfections as perfectly placed. Jeff will guide, provoke, encourage, and inspire you on your lonely, joyful, and sometimes exhausting pathless journey to the home you never, ever left: the present moment.


What’s in this episode?

In this excerpt, Jeff Foster shares comforting and inspiring wisdom about the vast intelligence at work in our lives, an intelligence that breathes us at night, beats our heart, and heals our wounds. He asks us to consider what might happen if we stop clinging to old dreams, mourn their loss, and face the raw, broken-open reality of things as they are?

Jeff Foster

What happens, when, just for a moment, we stop trying to figure it all out, we stop clinging to old dreams and we face the raw, broken-open reality of things as they are? What happens when we actually take the radical and unexpected step of saying yes to the uncertainty, the doubt, the confusion, the pain, the heartbreak?

Jeff Foster

Falling in Love with Where You Are

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