Tim Freke: ‘Deep Awake,’ an Engaged, Sensual Enlivenment

Frustrated with outdated forms of spirituality that emphasize rejecting the thinking mind and the ego, best-selling author and pioneering philosopher Tim Freke offers a visionary new understanding of the nature and purpose of life. Today he shares with us his fresh approach to spirituality, which he calls the ‘deep awake life.’

After a lifetime studying the world’s wisdom traditions and exploring the ‘deep awake’ state, Tim Freke has created a fresh approach to spirituality for the 21st century. Today he presents an inspiring talk about the ‘deep awake’ state, which offers what he calls an “engaged, sensual enlivenment.”

Tim offers ‘Deep Awake’ retreats all over the world, where he guides participants directly to the deep awake state. These playful, immersive retreats help participants access the feeling of oneness and profound love that arises in the deep awake state He has upcoming retreats in the U.S. and the UK. For details, please visit his website: timfreke.com.


What’s in this episode?

In this episode, Tim encourages us to embrace our humanness and break through old, “either/or” thinking. His inspiring perspective sets us free to experience a new way of thinking and a new spiritual paradigm.

We hope you enjoy Tim’s great sense of humor and profound love of life!

Tim Freke is a pioneering philosopher whose bestselling books, inspirational talks, and life-changing retreats have touched the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He is the author of 35 books, translated into more than 15 languages, including Deep Awake and Soul Story. Tim offers a revolutionary approach to awakening for the 21st century and a visionary new understanding of the nature of reality. Visit Tim’s website: timfreke.com.

Tim Freke

Join Tim for his upcoming talks and retreats in the U.S. (October 2017) and the UK (November 2017). For more information, visit timfreke.com or watch the video below.


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