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Enjoy A Guided Meditation to Help Stop Over-thinking

Relax, let go and experience a tranquil inner oasis with an abridged guided meditation from the audiobook Guided Meditations for a Quiet Mind. This guided meditation is designed to help you stop overthinking, calm your mind, and briefly slip away from life’s demands to experience a tranquil inner oasis. It utilizes relaxation, mindfulness, and visualization to help you recover a sense of deep inner peace and serenity.

Guided Meditations for a Quiet Mind is a collection of guided meditations designed to help you relax and let go and briefly slip away from life’s demands to experience a tranquil inner oasis. They are perfect for anyone who wants to:

  • Stop overthinking and quiet a noisy mind
  • Let go of stress and negativity
  • Discover an inner sanctuary of peace and serenity

This audiobook is a collection of eight gentle, peaceful and restorative guided meditations, approximately 20 – 25 minutes each.


What’s in this episode?

This episode offers a shorter version of a meditation from the collection Guided Meditations for for a Quiet Mind. Before you start this guided meditation to help you stop overthinking and quiet your mind, be sure you’re in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Remember to turn off the phone or other devices that might interrupt you.

Please enjoy these meditations only in circumstances where you can give them your full attention and have no other responsibilities to tend to. Never listen while driving or operating machinery.


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