Bob Litwin on How to Create Positive Change

Are you on the cusp of a brand new story? If you can feel change brewing, if you want that change to be painless and almost instantaneous, Bob Litwin — a leading performance coach on Wall Street and a World Champion tennis player — offers a faster, more effective way to lasting change. In this conversation, Litwin discusses how to harnesses the power of your personal story and create positive change in any area of your life.

We all have a story of our lives—a narrative we tell ourselves about who we are. Often the stories we tell limit our lives. But what would happen if you started telling yourself a new story? How can you make change easy? Tell a new story! Bob Litwin’s audiobook, Live the Best Story of Your Life: A World Champion’s Guide to Lasting Change offers 33 personalized coaching sessions that will help you reach new levels of success in every area of your life. His groundbreaking technique of changing your story is a fast, easy and effective way to create lasting change.


What’s in this episode?

How many times have you heard people say that change is hard, or painful? In this episode, Bob Litwin shares his insights on how to easily create positive change — simply by telling a new story. If you want to realize your own unique and powerful potential, lasting change is only a story away!


Bob Litwin has spent over four decades using the New Story method to coach thousands of top athletes, coaches, Wall Street hedge funds, traders, and analysts to raise individual performance to extraordinary levels. A world tennis champion, Litwin is a #1 world ranked senior player, 18-time US National Champion, and an inductee into the Tennis Eastern Hall of Fame. He lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife, Jo Ann. Learn more at

make change easy

What is your story? What is the Old Story you want to jettison and the New Story you want to live? Don’t know? This audiobook will help you findnd out. Let’s explore together.
Get ready to enjoy the ride. What do you have to lose?

Bob Litwin

Live the Best Story of Your Life

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