Robert Rabbin on Living an Authentic Life

Who Am I? How Shall I Live? What Should I do? How do we find within ourselves the answers and the courage we need to live an authentic life? Author and coach Robert Rabbin shares his insights about accessing the still space beyond the mind—the place we aim for when we’re trying to sort out the deep questions of our lives.

Robert Rabbin is the author of the audiobook The Sacred Hub: Living in the Shimmering Light of Your True Self. This audiobook is a profound and inspiring collection of essays on meditation, self-inquiry, awareness, freedom, authenticity, and more. It’s an uplifting guide through the process of questioning, re-framing, and deepening awareness that will help you align with your own infinite nature—one of enduring happiness and peace.


What’s in this episode?

This conversation, recorded in late 2017 shortly before Robert’s death, he talks about finding our way to the wisdom, clarity and authentic direction that lies inside us. He speaks about two kinds of change—the change we try to impose on life, and the change life imposes on us. And he shares his thoughts on dissipating fear by getting to the root of it through the process of inquiry. He inspires us to access the still space beyond the mind—the source of our deepest inner wisdom and clarity.

Stay tuned after the conversation—Robert shares an excerpt from The Sacred Hub audiobook.

Robert RabbinRobert Rabbin began his professional journey in 1985, after spending 10 years living and working with meditation master Swami Muktananda. He developed an international reputation as a radically brilliant speaker and public speaking guru, as well as a distinguished self-awareness facilitator, leadership adviser, and personal mentor. He authored eight books and more than 250 articles on authentic living and public speaking, leadership, self-inquiry, spiritual activism, and meditation.

In January 2012, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and told he had a few months to live. However, in keeping with his contrarian nature, he thrived well past the predicted use-by date. He passed away in December 2017.

The Sacred Hub

The Sacred Hub is an inquiry into what it means to be both fully human and fully divine. Robert Rabbin invites readers to consider living a consciously awakened life with both personal integrity and spiritual awareness. This timely book is very practical, completely accessible and very compelling. Highly recommended!”

Chuck Hillig

author, "Seeds for the Soul: Living as the Source of Who You Are"

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