Anxiety Expert and Psychologist Dr. David Carbonell on “The Worry Trick”

Anxiety is a powerful force. It makes us question our decisions and ourselves, worry about the future, all while filling our days with dread and emotional turbulence. But are you truly in danger or has your brain simply “tricked” you into thinking you are? In today’s episode, we’re offering an excerpt from the audio book The Worry Trick: How Your Brain Tricks You into Expecting the Worst and What You Can Do About It, written by psychologist and anxiety expert, David A. Carbonell.

The Worry Trick shows how worrying and anxiety hijack the brain and offers effective techniques to help you break the cycle of worry—once and for all. The techniques in this audiobook, rather than encouraging you to avoid or try to resist anxiety, reveal the trick that lies beneath your anxious thoughts, and teaches you why avoiding anxiety backfires and always make things worse.

In today’s episode, anxiety expert Dr. Carbonell shares his funny and wise thoughts on how worrying tricks us. You will learn the difference between doubt and danger, and begin to feel more balanced and in control of your worries.

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People sometimes talk about “fear of the unknown” as if it were a special category of fear. Everything about the future is unknown! It’s not the unknown part that people find scary. It’s when they consider the future and think that they do know what will happen, and that it’s going to be bad. That’s when they get afraid.

Dr. David Carbonell

The Worry Trick

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