Healing After a Breakup: The Importance of a Support System

After a difficult loss or breakup, don’t go through it alone! Instead, focus on ways to build a support system. Though heartbreak can make us want to remain alone, putting in the effort to recognize who you can lean on and how they can help can make all the difference in the healing process. By reflecting on what kind of help you need from those you love, you begin the journey of healing after a breakup.

Today we’re sharing an excerpt from Dr. Christina Hibbert’s inspirational audiobook Who Am I Without You? 52 Ways to Rebuild Self-Esteem After A Breakup. Finding yourself suddenly alone after being in a relationship can cause you to question your identity, but Hibbert’s book has 52 techniques, based in cognitive behavioral therapy, that help you become stronger and more confident than before. 


What’s in this episode?

In this episode, Dr. Christina Hibbert explains the value in building a support system when healing after a breakup.

Christina G. Hibbert, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist and expert on women’s mental health, grief, motherhood, postpartum health, parenting, self-esteem, and personal growth. She is author of the award-winning memoir This is How We Grow. She is the founder of the Arizona Postpartum Wellness Coalition and is a popular and dynamic speaker. She lives in Flagstaff, AZ with her husband and six children. Learn more about Hibbert, her blog, speaking, and books at drchristinahibbert.com.
Who Am I Without You

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This audiobook is a guide for women of all ages experiencing all levels of heartache. I’ve written it with the exact words and tools I’ve used to help my friends, family, and clients through their breakups, divorces, and other life transitions.

This audiobook is about helping you break through the pain of your breakup so that you may discover healing, and showing you the way to lifelong self-esteem and joy.

Dr. Christina Hibbert

Who Am I Without You?

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