How to Embrace Being an Introvert

It can be challenging to be an introvert in a world that favors extroverts and high energy. But Dr. Arnie Kozak, author of the audiobook The Awawkened Introvert has an encouraging suggestion — embrace being an introvert! In fact, the Buddha himself was an introvert! Dr. Kozak shares how accepting your introversion can help you awaken to your greater potential as a human being.

Today we are sharing an excerpt from the audiobook The Awakened Introvert: Practical Mindfulness Skills to Help You Maximize Your Strengths and Thrive in a Loud and Crazy World, written by Dr. Arnie Kozak. Living in an extroverted world can be draining and discouraging, especially for those who recharge by being alone. By using mindfulness, you can learn how to harness your strengths as an introvert while minimizing your weaknesses. With just a few tools, it is possible to live confidently in an energetic world.

What’s in this episode?

In this episode, Dr. Kozak suggests that introverts learn to embrace being an introvert. He shares the story of the Buddha, also an introvert, and his development of the four noble truths.

The Awakened Introvert
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The Awakened Introvert

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