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How Do You Find Your Purpose in Life?

Your talents are the innate skills that nature gave you to realize your uniqueness, and they are clues that can help you to find your purpose in life. You have been gifted with a unique combination of talents that equip you to walk through life with purpose. Assessing your physical, intellectual, and emotional abilities, will help you develop confidence and identify your uniqueness.

Today we are sharing an excerpt from the audiobook Why?: What Your Life is Telling You About Who You Are and Why You’re Here, written by Dr.s Matthew McKay, Sean Olaoire, and Ralph Metzner. This audiobook offers the tools to help you gain knowledge and awareness of yourself at the deepest level, reveal your personal path in life, and begin living life to its fullest.


What’s in this episode?

In this episode, Dr.s McKay, Oloaire, and Metzner explains where to look to find your purpose in life, emphasizing the importance of your exploring your uniqueness.

find your purpose in life

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“This audiobook allows the modern Western mind to explore the deep meaning of an ageless, universal truth: Earth is a place where souls are sent to evolve. Why? goes beyond philosophy and offers practical guidelines for mindfully participating in one’s own evolutionary process.”

Michael Singer

Author, "The Untethered Soul"

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